We are an emerging team of (mostly) students, participating in CTF hacking events. We do our best to keep our team open for new individuals, which are motivated to learn and hack together for SIGFLAG, the official university team of the JKU.

Our first appearance was during the RuCTFE 2016, which was organized by @NetrixX and a few motivated students. The spirit did not end there, we managed to initiate regularly occurring CTF events as team SIGFLAG (Linux people will understand).

At the moment @blu3r4y is in charge of organizational stuff.

Many thanks to our sponsors!

We are very grateful to our sponsors, which enable us to spread our vision of a university hacking team.

Want to join us?

We are very open to individuals who would like to join our team. You are free to join our CTF events at any time. We highly recommend that you attend the introductory meetings before events if you never participated with us before.

Check back at the Join Us page for more details.

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